Tight Af Vaginal Tightener Cream 65-piece Fishbowl Display

Boost your confidence and tightness with just a dab of Tight AF vaginal tightening cream.

Tight AF Vaginal Tightening formula works fast to boost blood flow to your vagina. This increases your natural sensitivity and makes you feel plumper and tighter You’ll love the increased sensations, and your lover will too.

Just apply a dab of the cream with a fingertip to your vaginal walls and opening a few minutes before sex. Tight AF is smooth and a pleasure to apply, so it’s fun to make putting it on a part of your foreplay. It also contains moisturizing aloe vera for extra comfort. Make sure to take your time when rubbing it in for maximum effect and pleasure.

Each POP display contain 65 10ml resealable tubes marked for individual retail sale .
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Purchase:  Price: $271.89

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