Pro Blo Numbing Spray Cupcake 1 Oz.

Pro Blo Deep Throat Spray is an oral desensitizer designed to reduce your gag reflex and any discomfort you might experience while performing oral sex . The fast-acting spray uses a fine mist infused with Benzocaine to gently numb the sensitive, hard-to-reach nerves in the back of your mouth and upper throat. Try Pro Blo in Cinnamon, Mint, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon, and our newest flavor, Cupcake.

Pro Blo Throat Spray comes in a 1 oz bottle. The numbing spray made in the United States contains no parabens or sugar. For use: Insert the applicator in your mouth with the tip pointing toward your throat. Spray 2-3 times, approximately 2-5 minutes before performing oral sex.
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